Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Left, media jump all over Betsy DeVos

I want to say I don’t understand the left, but that’s not true. I understand them perfectly well. And here’s the most important thing you need to know about them: There is really no core belief they embrace apart from the crucial importance of destroying their political opponents. So when they say something that seems completely inconsistent with something else they said, you simply have to search for the commonality between the two things. You’re probably not going to find it in the substance. Rather, you’re going to find it in the motivation.
Nowhere is this more true than on the subject of race, where the left has decided that anything a conservative says about black people is racist, no matter what it is. Call them dumb, you’re a racist for calling them dumb. Call them smart and triumphant, you’re a racist because you should be emphasizing their victimhood at the hands of evil white racists . . . like Donald Trump! 

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