Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Senator Chuck Schumer recently appeared on ABC’S THE VIEW. He was so eager to speak, he could barely sit still, as he squirmed in his seat. After some brief conversation with the ladies, he said: “When you talk to Republicans quietly — you know — in the cloak room and the gym — they are having real problems with him. … My prediction is if he keeps on this path … within three, four months you’re going to see a lot of Republicans breaking with him.” Of course, he is speaking about President Donald Trump. This is not the first time Schumer has spread or I should say threatened our President. On the RACHEL MADDOW SHOW, he actually implied that the Intelligence Community would get back at Trump for criticizing them. He was actually sinister in the way he spoke and looked in the camera saying, “they have many ways to get back at you.” I have actually worried about what he told Maddow. Now it appears he is spreading fake news, as Republicans are actually quite pleased with President Trump….even more so everyday.
I have to believe this may be enhanced, due to the speech he gave last night to a joint session of Congress. It was extremely well accepted by the news media and the politicians attending, except for the likes of Democrats like Nancy Pelosi. People…liberals like Pelosi and Schumer are out of touch with the American people, and now we see they are out of touch with their own peers. The American people have been so unhappy with their government during the Obama reign, they have basically given up on any real chance for change. And then in walked Donald Trump, and we woke up to a rumble and a huffing and puffing that blew Washington wide open. 

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