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An excellent thought piece.  Highly recommend reading it.  Quote: "For sure. People yearn for simple formulas for understanding others and arranging and governing society. Leaning on mythical academic freedom is easy; embracing some standard merely because it’s popular or feels right (as the Left does) is easy. Far more difficult, but necessary for civilizational health, is figuring out what Truth is and adhering to the limits it places on us. 
Lines must be drawn by someone, in academia and everywhere else. And there are only two ways of governing: by eternal principles or ephemeral personal preferences. The Mizzou crew and their proximal targets — the yesterday liberals in power today — give us the latter. And we’re not going to defeat a Machiavellian lie with a well-meaning misconception."

This is who she is.  She is a liar calling families of victims of her Benghazi disaster liars after she lied to both them and the nation.  The woman is a total disgrace.   She just can't stop lying.  From the recent Democrat debate even left leaning fact checkers are calling her out on the lies.   She does not even know the difference between a socialist and a Democrat.  So she denies being a socialist and declares herself to be a progressive Democrat.  Unfortunately for her that is just a nice way of saying she is almost if not completely socialistic.

Quote: "It is worth keeping her in mind as one considers the curious case of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ongoing e-mail problem. It has been amusing to watch the evolution of her lies on the issue: She was going to turn over all the evidence, until she unilaterally destroyed (crime) and withheld (probably a crime) a great deal of it. She insisted that the communication that passed through her off-site toilet (her secret e-mail server was located in the bathroom of a loft apartment in Denver, because that does not seem sketchy at all) was not classified, until it was shown that some of it was; she then said that what she personally sent or received was not secret or sensitive, until it was shown that it was; she then said that none of it was marked as such, until . . . Strike three."   

Hillary's Watergate looms.  At least that is what this item says.

Now consider this.  Both Obama and Clinton are defying a judge's order.  Comparisons between the Nixon obstruction and their ongoing obstruction  are emerging.  Quote: "...even though she refuses to release all of her email and the Obama administration continues to stall, both claim they’re being perfectly transparent on the matter. Nixon took a year and he had to fire three special prosecutors and lose a Supreme Court case before he did it.  Does this mean Clinton and Obama are less transparent than Richard Nixon? It’s certainly looking that way. Here’s an idea, Hillary and Barack: why not just turn over all the email to the legal system, as per the court order? Don’t worry about sorting it — there are people who can do that." ... "The answer is becoming increasingly clear: what’s on that hard drive could possibly take down both Clinton and Obama, and it has to be sanitized and obfuscated before it’s released to the courts."   What ever happened to Obama's vaunted most transparent administration in history?  Never got off the ground.

This provides a reality check when considering the surge of Muslim expansion across the globe.  Quote:  "When it comes to the global scourge of orthodox Islam, the Western world, which Islamists expressly seek to “destroy from within,” is an upside-down realm wherein objective facts, logic and reason must yield to multiculturalist make-believe, “progressive” propaganda and political correctness run amok. Faithful Muslims want to kill you, and faithless progressives seem all too happy to help them along. Look at the ongoing Muslim invasion of Europe. This progressive paradise, a burgeoning multicultural dystopia, is beginning to look an awful lot like hell on earth."  And, "Muhammad taught, and the Quran stresses, that a central tenet of Islam is to convert, enslave or kill the infidel. An infidel is anyone who is not Muslim or, depending on who’s doing the killing, belongs to a different sect of Islam. Those who fall into that elusive, perpetually mute category tagged “moderate Muslim” are also infidels. They’re bad Muslims and so, according to the Quran, not Muslims at all."

Where Muslims are in charge they lay down the law on what Christian can and cannot do.  Can you say oppressive?  They say "do as we say or we will kill you".   Don't believe the media is biased and doing its best to protect Muslims.  Read this. Quote: "According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports: Hate Crime Statistics, 2014, there were 1,140 victims of anti-religious hate crimes in the U.S. in 2014. “Of the 1,140 victims of anti-religious hate crimes: 56.8 percent [56.8%] were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-Jewish bias.” That amounts to approximately 647.52 instances where Jewish individuals, businesses or institutions were targeted.  A mere “16.1 percent [16.1%] were victims of anti-Islamic (Muslim) bias,” amounting to approximately 183.54 instances where Muslim individuals, businesses or institutions were targeted."   It would be interesting to know who is targeting the Jews.  Most are probably the very people the media is protecting.

Does this piece reflect logical, reasoned, civil or rational thinking on the part of the author's detractors?  It seems obvious that the author is the rational one.  What do you think?  This is microcosm of the problems that have resulted from the purposeful destruction of civil dialogue resulting from the illogical and irrational ideology inherent in progressive/liberal thinking, not to mention their obsession with political correctness.  Seemingly anyone who disagrees with anything the political left supports is sufficient reason to be hateful towards them.  No dialogue allowed...shut them up, destroy their reputation, anything to prevent them from expressing an opinion they oppose or worse yet for telling the truth.  

History means nothing to the progressive left.  Well, maybe it does given their incessant efforts to revise it.  In this case, however, they appear bent on making the same mistake on purpose, repeating what as been done in the past, rather than learning the lesson history taught.  The reasons given us for repeating history is that is it is for our own good. The same reason as before.  If you give us your guns you will have nothing to fear, we will keep you safe. Leftist regimes have done this repeatedly and once having their guns used the helplessness of the people to further dominate and oppress them.   Each of the Democrat candidates have the same position. The people need to give up their guns but call for common sense regulations as cover.   They have not read why the Founders wrote the Second Amendment.  Then again maybe they do know but recognize it interferes with their agenda big government with lots of guns and the public with no guns.  And perhaps they are afraid we might act on Thomas Jefferson's words and actually defend ourselves from their oppressive measures.  That's what the Revolutionary War was all about.  Colonists then as subjects of the British king rose up and defended themselves his continuing oppressive governing tyranny.  Is not that now happening to us?  Jefferson warned that such occasions might again arise.  The founders expected the people to have the means to defend themselves and enshrined that right in the Second Amendment.  Obama and the progressive/liberal left do not like that.  It is instructive to note that Obama's administration has spent millions of our tax dollars purchasing guns and ammunition for a host of federal government employees.  Wonder why?  Two examples of such purchases.   And,  Seems to me like our government is arming itself while pushing hard to take away guns from all private citizens.  Again, wonder why?  I think I know...and probably you too.

Another progressive left theory of how to manage other people's lives.  Past failures in trying to force their foolish theories into action do not get through their thick skulls.  This esteemed professor lays it out there for all so see.  Will the Obama or the political left listen?  Not a chance.  Tell me one good idea Obama has had that has actually worked.  I don't know of a single one.

A truly disgusting/disgraceful performance.  It demeaned the office he holds and is an affront to the Second Amendment and the general public, not to mention millions of law abiding gun owners.  It was nothing but a desperate attempt to get what HE and the progressive left wants.  Another take.  And another.   Then there are his lies.  The man can't help himself.  He will do or say anything to get his way.  More and more the public is catching on to his flagrant lies and illegal activities. 

He cried but why?  This was a most unusual performance and by most accounts it was definitely a performance.  Mark Levin has called him out on his charade and he nails it.

And the government tells us they have a handle on this immigration thing.  Hard facts tell a completely different story.

Read this and with a straight face tell me he is not acting like a tyrant.  His position is that he is always right, never wrong, and anyone who disagrees with him even on legitimate grounds are his enemies as well enemies of the government and should be stripped of their rights.  He is a very dangerous man. 

Past items regarding the United Nations have dealt with their serious problems with fraud, waste and abuse.  They are an inept and inefficient organization.  This item presents some of the evidence that they are an unfit organization and should be abolished.  Quote: "2015 was the year every major tenet of the UN enterprise was subverted. The 2016 solution? Stop bankrolling a multilateral organization that doesn’t work and create a multilateral organization run by democracies that can work."   Both Hillary and Obama think the UN needs more power, more of our money and sovereignty over our country.  Now tell me that is a logical/rational pro-American thought.
What is the standoff in Oregon all about?  Fox News host thinks she knows the law but this rancher gives her a lesson in Constitutional law.  This is a long standing problem that the federal government launched many years ago.  It does not have constitutional authority to seize state owned lands - but it does so nonetheless.  You have heard the government and pundits lambaste the ranchers calling them arsonists, criminals, etc., etc..  The REAL story is quite different as recorded in this piece.   Bottom line:  the government has long wanted that land and seemingly will do anything to wrest it away from the ranchers who have cared for the land for many, many years.   The Bureau of Land Management has a long history of abusing the rights of private land owners.

Consider the truth in this piece.  It is likely that more liberals than not will of course disagree.  But, facts are facts.  Their policies and places they have run are in shambles, not to mention our country given the past seven years of Obama.   Add this to the previous piece and you will have a fairly decent understanding of where we are as a nation.

Did you ever wonder why there are no terrorist acts committed in Japan?  They either restrict entry requirements or don't allow them into their country.  These are words of wisdom offered to the wise.  Quote: "Geert Wilders, the Dutch Parliamentarian who has led the worldwide effort to tell the truth about Islam, has said that Western nations must rediscover the vast superiority of Christian civilization over Islamic civilization, and take a justifiable pride in the Christian heritage of their own country before they are swept beneath the waves of the Muslim tsunami now sweeping over Europe and America."  Alas, I don't know about you but I don't think many Americans claim that Obama is wise.

Past items shared with you have dealt with the subject of why Democratic controlled cities and states, especially those under long time control, are rotting and falling on cultural and fiscal hard times.  This item provides a quick overview of the major problems ongoing in Chicago.  It cites six fundamental causes for their problems.  Read the comic book style short history of Chicago's decline at the last link.

This is the venom that spews forth from the mouth of the leftist, racist and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.   Now, consider this common sense black man's comments.  Blacks MUST solve the problem of black lawlessness.  He is absolutely right.

Anyone who still thinks Planned Parenthood is an upstanding, honest, and ethical organization needs to read this latest bit of evidence that it is definitely absent any of those attributes.  It invented a new right - the right to not tell your sex partner that you have HIV.   This former employee was horrified at what a late term abortion was like.  She quit.

Another Planned Parenthood piece.  It outline five things we learned about the organization in 2015.  They are not pleasant.   And, abortion advocates hype studies like PLOS ONE to convince the public most women do not regret their abortions.  "However, this study “has a number of flaws that belie the conclusions drawn by the authors,” according to the website, which called the study “deceptive.”
ISIS takes a page out of the liberal Planned Parenthood playbook. 

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