Friday, January 8, 2016


Many found his crying as believable as Thursday night’s town-hall boast of a skeet-shooting enthusiasm. Andrea Tantaros, a woman surely accustomed to seeing (and making) boys cry, advised, “check that podium for a raw onion,” on the Fox News Channel. James Woods, a man knowing theatrical flair better than most, described the waterworks as of the “crocodile” variety. But even Donald Trump called them “sincere,” and most seemed moved by the president seeming moved.

The debates over the authenticity of the tears and whether, as Robert Smith reminds, boys don’t cry strike as the wrong ones. The deeply personal emotionalism that meets the problems of faraway strangers often corresponds with strange indifference to the problems of those close to us in blood or distance. The humanitarians rarely show a great love for the humans in their midst.

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