Friday, January 8, 2016

Anderson Cooper Isn't Sure Gun Conspiracy Kooks Don't Have A Point

The broadest strokes of what the president proposes would basically spur various government agencies to the task of enforcing current law, and tightening the guidance on those laws to close various loopholes. The most significant -- and most controversial -- part of Obama's orders would more tightly define which for-profit gun sellers are required to participate in the background check program. Another significant order would hasten the finalizing of a Department of Health and Human Services rule that would enable states to provide mental health records to the background check system.
In addition, Obama's executive orders would provide funding for additional personnel to run background checks, tighten the rules for reporting lost or stolen firearms, and provide some measure of incentive to develop technologically innovative "smart" weapons. (Obviously, there's only so much a president can do about the low demand for such weapons, however.)
Obama's executive actions would include a new restriction on buyers who purchase weapons through legal entities or trusts, requiring that these buyers be subject to a background check.
And that's pretty much the extent to which any of these executive orders impact purchasers -- unless, of course, if they are the sort of purchasers who would normally fail a background check. And none of these orders do anything that even resembles taking a gun away from a lawful owner, or even banning a particular weapon from being sold. These executive actions do little more than nudge various sellers who currently operate outside the background check system back toward that system.

A Conspiracy Theory View of Obama's Gun Control Actions

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